Protesters held three minutes of silence for the 441 Aboriginal people who have died in police custody since 1991

Young, Black and Behind Bars

Last Updated on 04/11/2020 by National Justice Project

As the Black Lives Matter movement spreads across the globe, the National Justice Project has been featured in Al Jazeera’s investigation of Australia’s Indigenous incarceration crisis, Young, Black and Behind Bars.

Across Australia, Indigenous people are disproportionately arrested and locked up – some as young as 10 years old. In this special report, former inmates reveal what it is like to be imprisoned as a child.

As the Black Lives Matter Movement resonates across the globe and Indigenous Australians lead nationwide protests, families describe the heartbreak of losing a loved one to a life behind bars.

From outback communities to inside a youth jail, 101 East goes to the front lines of the criminal justice system in Western Australia, the state with the country’s highest rate of Indigenous incarceration.