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The National Justice Project is a not-for-profit legal service. We apply our expertise to advancing human rights by representing and giving voice to the vulnerable who would otherwise be unable to find legal representation.

NJP was established by Adjunct Professor George Newhouse and Lt Col (ret) Dan Mori. Through court work, research, training and strategic advocacy we use our skills to build a fairer justice system and more equitable society.

We work collaboratively with our community partners to identify systemic injustice and with individuals to run test cases.

Our long term goal is to bring change to systemic problems of abuse and discrimination.

If you share our mission to advance justice and equality for all Australians, please consider supporting the vital work we do.

We are committed to ensuring everyone has the right to equal access and status under the law.

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You can support our vital human rights work and enable access to justice for those in need. Join our community and help us to change lives.

Who we are

We’re independent and courageous, with a proven track record
of working with vulnerable people and communities.

We lobby for social, economic and legislative reforms to create a fairer system for Aboriginal peoples and others in need.

We advocate for the development of law and a justice system which is fair, just and equitable, taking on the most challenging cases that will advance human rights.

We do not seek or receive any government funding. We rely on donations from the community to run the practice.

Much of our work is a direct challenge to governments and their unlawful action.

Our Board


George Newhouse


George is the principal solicitor of the National Justice Project and an Adjunct Professor of Law at Macquarie University. He is well known for his work in fighting for justice for the mentally ill, LGBTI Australians, immigrants, prisoners, asylum seekers, youth detainees, and Aboriginal Australians.


Dan Mori


Dan is an American lawyer who attained the rank of lieutenant colonel in the United States Marine Corps. Mori was the military lawyer for Australian Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks.


Lizzie O'Shea

Lizzie is a public interest lawyer, working on cases which address issues of community concern and further the public good.


Duncan Fine

Duncan has been a lawyer for over 30 years and is also an author, journalist, media advisor and social commentator. He has worked on Aboriginal Land Claims in the Northern Territory and for the Aboriginal Legal Service.


Jo Scard

Jo has played a unique role as a senior adviser in the Australian Federal Government for over a decade.
Jo has worked as a communications strategist in London, a TV political journalist (Australia/UK) and as a strategic adviser to countless corporate and Not-For-Profits across the globe.


Steve Castan

Steve is an experienced Barrister based in Margaret River, W.A. Steve also operates as a Nationally Accredited Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) facilitating non-confrontational conflict resolution across civil, commercial and family law.


David Radcliff

David’s origins were in the construction industry as a loss adjustor, before moving into management and leadership roles. David was the CEO of Cunningham Lindsey Australia and then appointed as the Global Chief Operating Officer of the Cunningham Lindsey Group. Since leaving in 2013, David has been working as a Strategic Planning Consultant.


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