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Strategic legal action
Social Justice Education
Fearless Advocacy

We advocate for the development of law and a justice system which is fair, just and equitable.

Our legal work covers:

Health Justice

Refugee rights


Youth Detention

Government Accountability

Inquests and inquiries

Police Accountability

We are fearless advocates for systemic change and we take on the most challenging cases which will advance human rights.

Strategic litigation forms the heart of everything we do. Our legal expertise and educational initiatives support and advance social justice and human rights.

We work to ensure everyone has the right to equality under the law.

We measure our success by our clients’ definition of justice and accountability. The success of our clients in the courtroom strengthens our work in advocacy, social justice education, and our projects and partnerships.

The National Justice Project works with people and communities who have experienced discrimination and face barriers to justice. We stand alongside our clients until they are satisfied with the outcome.

We engage in strategic legal action, fearless advocacy, social justice education, and collaborative partnerships to create meaningful change.

We educate our clients and their communities about the their rights, and we advocate for systemic reform to create a fair, equitable and inclusive society.


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You can support our vital social justice work and build the power of our clients fighting for truth, justice and accountability.


We advocate for the development of law and a justice system which is fair, just and equitable, taking on the most challenging cases that will advance human rights.

Health Justice

Far too often in Australia, people are denied access to quality healthcare due to racial discrimination, their country of origin and visa status, or due to of a physical or intellectual disability.

The right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, and the responsibility of governments to ensure access to medical care for their people, is enshrined in international law.

The National Justice Project’s Health Justice Program challenges systemic discrimination in the healthcare system by securing legal and policy reforms to ensure equitable access to quality, dignified and culturally-safe healthcare. The National Justice Project works to achieve health justice through strategic legal action, education programs, advocacy, projects and partnerships.

racial Justice

Our Racial Justice Program works to defend and extend the rights of First Nations people and culturally and linguistically diverse communities who have experienced racial discrimination. Our work combats racial discrimination in healthcare systems, immigration detention, prisons and juvenile detention, and policing.

Just Systems

Institutions and systems in Australia oppress and marginalise minority people and communities. The National Justice Project aims to uphold and extend the right to safe and equitable access to justice by stimulating legal and policy reforms to ensure people can engage with systems such as the criminal justice and child protection systems, free from discrimination.

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