Visibility for Justice: Bringing National Attention to Systemic Discrimination in Health Care

Last Updated on 05/06/2019 by National Justice Project

The National Justice Project works to tackle systemic injustice and racism in government institutions and part of our theory of change is bringing these issues to public attention via traditional and social media.

The recent coronial inquest into the tragic death of Naomi Williams was one where the court heard hard evidence that there is a correlation between poor treatment and Aboriginality in hospitals, and that there was evidence of stereotyping First Nations peoples as more likely to use drugs and alcohol and that this was a pervasive stereotype present in the minds of many Australians.

The NJP expects that the Coroner will make recommendations for change, but additionally, this coronial inquest garnered significant public attention, which is a key step in the process to encourage the making of policies and practices in government institutions to eliminate discrimination and prejudice.

This inquest garnered attention in national traditional media:,-coal-debate,-school-strike/10906826

As well as key online media:

And local media:

This type of coverage assists the NJP to expose this, and other systemic, institutional problems, and allow the broader community to see and understand the existence of systemic discrimination in health care.