Together We Can Fight Discrimination

Last Updated on 04/08/2022 by National Justice Project

DONATE NOW TO OUR EOFY CAMPAIGN! We’re a small not-for-profit taking on big institutions – we can only do this because we fight together.

Dear friends,

We fight injustice together. We cannot do it alone.

I think about this often at the National Justice Project. We’re a small not-for-profit taking on big institutions and fighting to end systemic discrimination –we can only do this because we fight together.

Together as a team and alongside our courageous clients, we hold powerful Governments to account for discrimination.

That’s why we were cautiously optimistic to hear the new Prime Minister promise to bring Australians together in unity and optimism – without fear and division.

Friends, while we’ve come some way in the fight against systemic discrimination, we know there is still so much work to do.

Because racial and disability discrimination are widespread and entrenched, the legacy of our violent colonial past. Like a stubborn mould, it finds its way into our hospitals, prisons, immigration detention and police force – and it takes years of work to remove.

The fight is hard but our team is in for the long haul.

In the year ahead, we will fight for our clients who have been discriminated against in prisons and hospitals. We will keep holding governments to account in court for cruel mistreatment of refugees and asylum seekers in immigration detention. We will continue representing families who’ve lost loved ones because of discrimination in policing. We will keep making waves and demanding reform.

We’re determined to fight for justice and to create permanent change – and to do so, we urgently need your help.

That’s why we’re inviting you to support our fight against systemic discrimination by donating to our end-of-financial-year campaign.

Your donation will directly fund:

  • Legal cases representing clients who, as children and adults, have been mistreated in prison systems
  • Legal and advocacy work with families who’ve lost loved ones to medical negligence arising from racial discrimination
  • Support and pathways for clients and communities making complaints about racial and disability discrimination – and we will use these complaints to drive reform
  • Legal cases holding the Australian Government to account for the physical and psychological harm refugee and asylum seeker clients sustained in immigration detention
  • Another year of Social Justice Clinics at Monash University and Macquarie University to educate and inspire the next generation of social justice lawyers

We appreciate any kind of donation you can make and every dollar donated goes a very long way. We’ll continue to provide insights and details on the important work  you’ll be funding.

Thank you for your support in restoring justice and compassion. Together we fight discrimination.  

– George Newhouse