If our test cases win, this is what happens

Last Updated on 04/08/2022 by National Justice Project

In 2017, because Australia doesn’t have a Bill of Rights in our Constitution, we at the National Justice Project formulated a strategy to get kids off Nauru. 

We did this by arguing that the Australian Government has a legal duty of care to the people fleeing violence and persecution who were transferred to immigration detention on Nauru and Manus Island.

People should not be punished for seeking protection.

Since then, we’ve been fighting the Australian Government in court: first, to get urgently needed medical care for refugees that were transferred offshore by Border Force; secondly, to hold the government to account for the immense physical and psychological harm that our refugee clients have suffered from offshore processing.

We’ve reached an important milestone in our offshore cases.

After thousands of hours of preparation, our legal team has finally submitted our evidence as part of our test cases, which we are running to prove that the Australian Government does have a duty of care to people detained in immigration detention. 

This achievement was only possible because of the donations from our supporters. Below 👇 we share how far we’ve come with your support – and what we’ll make possible if we win.

The fight has been long, but we’ve been determined every step of the way.

If our test cases are successful, we will set a ground-breaking legal precedent and enable our 50 clients – and many more refugees – to hold the Australian Government to account for the physical and psychological harm they suffered in immigration detention.

These test cases, if successful, will have a lasting impact on long-term offshore processing policies because the precedent will provide protection for any refugee who arrives here in the future. This will help to ensure that no one experiences these torturous conditions ever again.

Friends, could you help power our test cases with an urgent TAX-TIME donation to our end-of-financial-year campaign before 30 June?

Thank you for your support!