Naomi Williams

The National Justice Project is acting on behalf of the family of Naomi Williams, a much loved young Wiradjuri woman residing in Tumut.  Naomi worked as an adult disability support worker and in 2009 received a NAIDOC award.  Throughout 2016 Naomi became quite sick and visited Tumut Hospital consistently throughout the year.  Naomi’s chronic pain affected her lifestyle and her ability to work.  She desperately sought answers from her medical service providers about what was causing her constant and debilitating pain.  She was repeatedly referred to drug and alcohol counselling.  On one occasion, a medical officer observed that Naomi presented “no signs of current need for D& A or MH intervention... D & A advised nil substance dependence. Nil signs or symptoms of MH issues.”  Naomi repeatedly relayed her frustrations to her mother, saying:  “I feel like a poor junkie the way they treat me thinking I’m looking for a quick fix.”   Naomi’s mother complained to the hospital about their dismissal of Naomi’s symptoms.  Her written complaint had no demonstrable effect.   On January 1, 2016, Naomi presented to the hospital, once again with terrible pain. She was discharged from the hospital with Panadol and died about 12 hours later, leaving her family and the community devastated.

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