‘Crisis point’: New York Times reports on children’s mental health on Nauru

Last Updated on 30/08/2018 by National Justice Project

A seventh child will be brought to Australia from Nauru for medical care, following legal pressure.

The National Justice Project represented the girl at a federal court hearing on Wednesday.

She is one of a number of refugee children with worsening mental health issues, who are seeking medical treatment in Australia.

George Newhouse, principal lawyer for the National Justice Project, described the situation as a “crisis point” to the New York Times this week.

He said that inpatient mental health care for children detained on Nauru was nonexistent.

“These children live in hopelessness and despair, and we’ve observed that it’s getting worse,” he said. “We are alarmed at the number of children who are imminently at risk of harm or death.”

Some children have been on the island for nearly five years, he added.

“It’s just a matter of time before someone dies or is seriously injured,” he said. “If that happens, Australia is responsible.”