National Justice Project initiates petition addressing AFP raids on ABC and Annika Smethurst

Last Updated on 10/06/2019 by National Justice Project

The National Justice Project this week started a petition calling for legislative change and immediate action to protect journalists and whistle-blowers following the AFP raids on ABC and Annika Smethurst.

Last week the ABC headquarters and the home of journalist Annika Smethurst were raided by the AFP, after they, some time ago, published well-researched and vetted news stories blowing the whistle on atrocities committed by Australian armed forces, and secret plans by our politicians to spy on Australians, respectively.

The law currently allows courts to issue warrants upon request by Government departments to allow authorities to access, alter, and delete material held by journalists, publishers and broadcasters in relation to news stories about Government-related wrongdoing, which cause the Government embarrassment. Our Government is using these laws to erode Australia’s Free Press, which is key to operation of democracy in Australia.

The petition can be viewed and signed here.