Fiona Smith and her mother June

Mother Dawn Smith’s undying fight for justice over daughter Cindy’s death in Bourke road accident

Bourke indigenous elder Dawn Smith refuses to give up hope of winning justice for “my little girl” — her daughter Cindy — 32 years after the 15-year-old was sexually molested as she lay dead or dying in a horrific road accident.

The 78-year-old’s hopes have suffered a cruel setback: she has learned the NSW Office of the ­Director of Public Prosecutions is standing by a highly controversial decision to drop a sexual offence charge against the middle-aged man who walked away unscathed from court — and from the car ­accident that killed Cindy and her 16-year-old cousin Mona outside Bourke in December 1987. Read Rosemary Neill’s report in The Australian Review here.

Photo: Fiona Smith, sister of Mona, with her mother, June, in Bourke, NSW. Picture: Adam Taylor