Leave a gift in your Will

Your legacy will help us continue our work for generations to come. A bequest also enables us to acknowledge your generosity during your lifetime and keep you informed of our progress.

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What types of charitable bequest can I make?

When making a charitable bequest, you may choose to leave:

  • a specific sum of money
  • a percentage of your estate
  • a residual bequest (whatever is left after all other gifts and costs have been deducted from your estate)
  • a gift of property, shares or insurance policies

Ask your legal adviser about the variety of charitable bequests you can make.

How do I make National Justice Project a beneficiary of my will?

The wording below for your Will below is intended as a guide only.

You should speak with a lawyer to make sure your Will is valid and that your intentions are clearly and legally stated whether you’re making a new Will or updating an existing one.

“I devise and bequeath to National Justice Project, free of all taxes and other deductions [amount and/or type of bequest] to be used for the general purposes of the National Justice Project, and the receipt of the secretary or other proper officer of the said National Justice Project shall be sufficient discharge to my trustee.”

Are there any other details I need to give my legal adviser?

It may be useful provide our full business details:

National Justice Project
University of Technology Sydney,
Gadigal Country
CB01.17, P.O. BOX 123
Broadway, NSW 2007
ABN 23 609 620 028

Further Information

Please contact Karl Kinsella, Fundraising and Philanthropy Manager at karlk@justice.org.au or on 02 9514 4440