Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights is a resource pack that builds community resilience and promotes the delivery of trauma-informed and culturally safe care and services to communities impacted by trauma, racism, and discrimination.

The resources provide diverse communities with practical guidance on the rights of individuals, as well as on the role of service providers in minimising harm and re-traumatisation.

Resources for
community members:

Community member resources
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Community member resources
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How can I learn more?

To launch our resources, we came together in an online forum to explore perspectives on the importance and challenges of delivering trauma-informed and culturally safe care and services. We were joined by Mostafa (Moz) Azimitabar (artist and activist), Kimberley Hunter (Indigenous Allied Health Australia), Jon Owen (Wayside Chapel), and Sophie Wenderoth (National Justice Project), to discuss their experience and understanding.

You can watch the forum here:

Who are the resources for?

The resources serve both community members and service providers. The resources are intended to form a quick reference guide for communities who commonly experience trauma and discrimination, including people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, people living with disability, First Nations Peoples, and refugees – particularly people from these communities who experience overlapping and intersecting forms of discrimination, trauma and disadvantage

How were the resources developed?

We identified a need for easily accessible resources for self-advocacy when engaging in situations that are likely to induce trauma or resurface trauma experiences. While these resources do not replace the responsibility of service providers to have their own policies and practices in place, they will provide a clear and concise overview of trauma-safe practice, and inform community members on the quality of care they should expect when engaging with a range of services.

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