Our CEO speaks out at the Kids off Nauru rally in Sydney

Last Updated on 30/10/2018 by National Justice Project

Our success in obtaining Federal Court orders for medical evacuations from Nauru is proof that strategic litigation and effective advocacy can make a real difference, even in a toxic political environment.

We are swamped with medical emergencies. In the last 9 months we have had 116 people including 43 kids moved from Nauru to Australia for care and treatment. That does not include cases for men on Manus Island

Just to give you some idea of our workload, since 1 October we have

  • Run 3 court matters involving 3 families on Nauru. The first two families are now here, the third family is stuck in Nauru for complex legal reasons, we are due back in court for them on 30 October;
  • Ensured that 28 people approved for transfer and transferred without court proceedings, including 7 children;

That is a total of 36 people transferred from Nauru to Australia to date this month; plus we have negotiated for another 15 people who are yet to be transferred (includes 4 kids).