Inhumane conditions on Christmas Island provoke unrest: George Newhouse

Last Updated on 06/01/2021 by National Justice Project

Commenting on the recent protests in the Christmas Island detention facility, George Newhouse, Principal Solicitor and Director of the National Justice Project, has said tension has been building up over recent months at the facility.

“The federal government has a policy of keeping detainees in harsh and inhumane conditions to force them to leave Australia, this disturbance should not be a surprise to our leaders,” he said.

“These individuals have been taken away from their families, friends and advocates and they have essentially been disconnected from the mobile phone system (because of poor reception), the processing of their applications is delayed. They are cut off from civilisation, their support and their loved ones.”

“A lot of frustration has been building up in the camp – this latest incident is the result of isolation and up to 22 hours of being locked inside compounds with no access to green space and miserable conditions of detention.”

“These harsh and solitary conditions are having an effect on the mental health and welfare of detainees.”

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