Donations in lieu of gifts

We are honoured that many in our community support our work by asking guests who are invited to their important events (weddings/birthdays, etc) or who want to recognise their life events to donate to us in lieu of receiving a gift for their special day. There are many other potential charities that our supporters could ask their guests to support and we appreciate the help to further our important work.

The NJP uses donations to seek justice. We run strategic litigation addressing systemic racism and discrimination against vulnerable people or groups, including refugees, asylum seekers, and First Nations people. We also empower vulnerable communities through legal rights education and outreach work.

We receive no government funding so we're fully reliant on the generosity of the public. Your donation will be tax deductible for any donation over $2, and is essential to allow us to continue to create change.

Donate in lieu of a Gift

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Please note: We keep this information largely for our accounting records and to provide you with a receipt. If you approve it above, we will advise the person you are donating on behalf of that you have donated (not the amount. If you request to receive updates above, we will add you to our Mailchimp mailing list. Otherwise, we do not provide your information to any third parties for any reason.