George Newhouse discusses Kids off Nauru on ABC News 24

Last Updated on 01/11/2018 by National Justice Project

Lawyers for most of the children who have been evacuated from Nauru over the past 18 months have welcomed the statement by the government that they plan to relocate all remaining refugee children on Nauru to Australia by the end of the year. But even that may be too long for some of the children that we are working for.

We urge the government to move those children with urgent needs as soon as possible to receive the medical care and treatment they require.

The National Justice Project has been fighting in court for individual children to receive critical medical care for the last 18 months and this move is long overdue. It is proof that strategic legal action and effective advocacy can create change even in a difficult political environment.

But there is still work to be done. The men and women left on Nauru and Manus are in a bad state and they need to be found a third country solution asap.