Family Demands Urgent Action after their son dies after being sent home from Dubbo Hospital

Last Updated on 12/05/2022 by National Justice Project

The family of a 36-year-old a proud Kamilaroi/Dunghutti man who died in August 2021 are demanding accountability and urgent changes in the way Aboriginal people are treated in the NSW Health System after he was sent away from hospital without appropriate treatment.

Ricky Hampson Jnr (better known as Dougie) presented to Dubbo Hospital with severe stomach pain and a popping or tearing feeling in his stomach. Tragically, he was sedated, given painkillers, sent home without a proper diagnosis and died within hours after being discharged from Dubbo hospital. In addition, Dougie was tested for COVID whilst in hospital and the hospital did not inform him of his positive COVID test results or check on his welfare before he died.

The death of Dougie, a loving father of 8 children, has sent shockwaves through his family who are horrified that false assumptions and gross failures by hospital staff led to his needless and painful death.

His father, Ricky Hampson Snr, and his mother, Lydia Chatfield, are calling for an inquest, they say that there are too many similarities between Dougie’s death and the deaths of Naomi Williams and Ms Dhu. Those similarities demand that Dougie’s death should be investigated.

The CEO of the National Justice Project, George Newhouse (who is acting for Mr Hampson Sr and Dougie’s mother, Lydia Chatfield) said:

“A coronial inquest would provide an opportunity to observe systemic patterns and to prevent deaths in similar circumstances and most importantly to provide transparency and accountability to a system that too often fails Aboriginal people.”

Mr Hampson Snr said that he and Lydia want the professional staff involved in his son’s death to be held accountable for their failures and for the NSW Department of Health to implement training and strict policies to eliminate bias and prejudice in the delivery of health services and to provide culturally safe health care to all Aboriginal patients.

Mr Hampson Snr said:

“We feel numb! We feel robbed! This is a nightmare that we can’t wake from. We want the health professionals that failed my son held accountable for their actions and the prejudice that my son suffered. They should not get away with this. Unless people are held accountable Aboriginal people will keep dying like this.”

“We are protesting in Dubbo on Monday to give Dougie a voice and we want the hospital and staff that ignored his cries for help to remember him. We want the health minister to step in and make sure this never happens again anywhere in NSW The NSW government has been on notice of this systemic issue, at least since the death of Naomi Williams, and Dougie’s death confirms that there is a need for urgent action.”

A protest was held by the family at Teresa Maliphant Park, Dubbo (Opposite Dubbo Hospital) from 10am – 4pm on 17 Jan 2022