The organisation

National Justice Project is a non-profit organisation that exists to eliminate systemic prejudice and to empower vulnerable communities

Our board meets quarterly and we occasionally Skype in between meetings. The chair meets with the CEO regularly.

The person we’re looking for

We’re looking for someone who is excited about the opportunity to be part of a team that is working to create a fairer society by using the law to fight for human rights and by providing legal education and access to justice to Indigenous communities and others in need such as refugees, the disabled, prisoners, youth in detention and those with mental health issues.

Ideally, our Company Secretary:

  • will have completed a board or company secretary related course or have extensive experience in the law relating to corporate affairs, compliance and board matters
  • will be familiar with ACNC and state, territory and other requirements, in particular those related to charities
  • would be willing to commit to 2 years’ service

The opportunity

The Company Secretary is responsible for the following.

  • Liaising with the Chair and CEO to set board and member meeting dates and sending agendas and calendar invitations to all directors, members and ex officio participants
  • Preparing agendas and board and member meeting papers with input from the Chair and the CEO and distributing them prior to meetings
  • Taking minutes during meetings, saving a copy signed by the Chairman into our IT system and sending them out to directors in the week following the meeting.
  • Ensuring that agencies such as ASIC, ACNC, state and territory agencies and others are updated in accordance with the law such as when:
    • changes are made to our contact details or structure
    • directors resign or are appointed
    • changes are made to a director’s contact details
  • Ensuring that all statutory requirements, including the reporting requirements of agencies such as ASIC, ACNC, state and territory agencies and others are complied with.

This is a voluntary role. If you are interested in the role and are considering applying, please contact express your interest in wrting to