Call it Out: A First Nations Racism Register developed to expose the truth about racism in Australia

Last Updated on 22/03/2022 by National Justice Project

Racism against First Nations Peoples – let’s Call it Out!

Alongside our partners, the Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education & Research (Jumbunna Research), we’re proud to launch Call it Out – our First Nations Racism Register.

Developed by Jumbunna Research with our support, Call it Out is an independent and Indigenous-led alternative to conventional racism complaint systems and legal processes – which are usually complicated and slow-moving.

From today, First Nations Peoples will be able to report experiences of racism with Call it Out’s secure online reporting system – be it an experience of interpersonal or systemic racism.

Throughout the year, Call it Out will collect reports of racism from First Nations Peoples as evidence to assist First Nations leaders and organisations in generating support and resources for addressing racism and discrimination.

The experiences reported in Call it Out will help reveal the true nature of racism in Australia.

Anyone who witnesses racism against First Nations Peoples can also make a witness report on Call it Out.

Distinguished Professor Larissa Behrendt AO, a Eualyai and Kamillaroi person who is Director of Jumbunna Research and Board Director of the National Justice Project, said that Call it Out will allow First Nations Peoples to drive recognition and action around the reality of racism in Australia.

“First Nations Peoples experience of racism and discrimination is deeply rooted in the history of the invasion of this country, but the true nature and extent of what First Nations peoples experience day-to-day is still largely unseen and unheard by the Australian public,” Professor Behrendt said. 

“As long as individuals, systems and the media ignore and minimise the impact of racism, we will continue to fail in our efforts as a community – and as a nation – to achieve First Nations healing, equality, justice and self-determination.”

Our CEO and Principal Solicitor George Newhouse has shared how proud we are as a team to be part of this project.

“We’re honoured to work alongside Jumbunna Research on this innovative project,” George said.

“In 2022, the true story of racism in Australia is still hidden and downplayed by governments and institutions – but we hope that the stories reported through Call it Out will make the colonial legacy of racism harder to ignore.”

The Call it Out First Nations racism register is now live and ready to use.

If you’re a First Nations person who’s experienced any kind of racism, please visit, click the red button ‘CLICK HERE TO CALL IT OUT’ and follow the simple step-by-step process to make a report.

If you’re someone who’s witnessed racism against a First Nations person, please follow the same process.