An apology from Channel 7 for insensitive use of images of First Nations deceased persons

Last Updated on 26/05/2020 by National Justice Project

*Warning: First Nations peoples should be aware that the following contains names and images of people who have passed away*

The National Justice Project was proud to assist the family of Stacey Thorne and her unborn baby (may they Rest in Peace) who recently received an apology from Channel 7 for showing images of Stacey’s body and some of her injuries during an interview with Stacey’s accused killer’s family. Channel 7 shared these images without the consent of the Thorne and Woods families, leaving the familiesĀ and particularly the families’ children, traumatised.

Although it unfortunately took a live, televised rally to obtain the apology from Channel 7, the National Justice Project is glad an apology was forthcoming from the network and we hope Stacey’s family and friends can start to find some more peace in this tragic set of circumstances.