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Clarifying COVID-19 restrictions for First Nations Peoples

The National Justice Project, National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Legal Services (NATSILS) and UTS Jumbunna have worked together to clarify and communicate restrictions relating to COVID-19 activities for First Nations people living in remote communities across the country. Information guides and fact sheets can be found here

Inaugural Giving Day

The government is trying to avoid its responsibilities to sick children, appealing our legal victories to the High Court. All of NJP’s hard work is now at risk. On Tuesday 10 December 2019 we held our first annual Giving Day and over twenty-four hours we raised $108,350.00!

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Words cannot express jsut how greatful my family and my community are to the team at the National Justice Project. The endless hours and effort that you have all put in to Naomi's inquest are so very appreciated. This case taht you have poured your hearts and your energy into will begina change for all Aboriginal People that will ensure we are listened to and cared for.

You are all a part of our family now and we will be forever greatful for your love, your support and your strengthy throughout this whole process and in to the future. You have helped us make a mark in Naomi's memory.

~ Family Member


Hi George

I have just been speaking with someone detained on Christmas Island and when I asked how the guards were reacting to the reintroduction of mobile phones he said that it had changed things hugely. He says they are being very friendly and treating the detainees decently ‘because they know we can record them’. It is the same in Medical, where mobiles had previously been banned (for the people allowed to have them). The guys are so grateful for the work you and the NJP put into this case, but still find it hard to believe that Minister Dutton will not just push through legislation to ban smartphones. I have also been hearing that IPads are allowed now. Many thanks again - short of freedom, this is the best news friends in detention have had in a long time.

~ Refugee Advocate


I am so thankful the National Justice Project helped me in a particular time of need.

George & his team gave their time and experience & I found the entire team particularly generous and kind in assisting with their areas of expertise. My team and I are extremely thankful.

Joe Williams
The Enemy Within Suicide Prevention & Wellbeing Education


"On behalf of our family I would like to say thank you for what you done for us over the years working with you."

From the family of an Aboriginal Man who died in custody in Broome WA.


"As a current detainee I hv seen, since detainees hv smart phones, they can now speak2 their loved ones, whom they can't see in person due to their placement.

This keeps the detainees calm & there is a fall in the numbers of self harm & anti social behaviour.

Thank u @GeorgeNewhouse"

~ @ForLovenFreedom

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