What we do

Advocate – Litigate – Communicate – Reform

Our mission is to promote social justice, liberty, accountability and equality for all people.

Our legal work covers

Medical care in detention
Domestic violence and sexual assault
Youth Detention
Mental health care
Environmental and climate justice
Inquests and Inquiries
LGBQTI issues
Racial discrimination in health care
Aboriginal child removal

The law is at the centre of everything we do. Our legal expertise supports and advances social justice and human rights. We are committed to ensuring everyone has the right to equal access and status under the law.

In all cases, a successful outcome for our client is our first objective. Our success contributes to advocacy efforts, policy improvements and behavioural change.

We advocate for the development of law and a justice system which is fair, just and equitable, taking on the most challenging cases that will advance human rights.

The National Justice Project works with some of Australia’s most vulnerable people and communities, providing legal support to people who struggle to access justice.

We take strategic legal action to advance social justice, with a focus on Aboriginal communities and asylum seekers.

We conduct advocacy, strategic litigation and test case litigation for Australians who need our help.

We educate the community about the law, their rights and responsibilities.

We lobby for social, economic and legislative reforms to create a fairer system

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Our Major Projects

We advocate for the development of law and a justice system which is fair, just and equitable, taking on the most challenging cases that will advance human rights.

Aboriginal Health Justice Project

Australia’s public health system is the envy of many countries. However, access isn’t available to all Australian’s equally. While access to healthcare is a basic human right. But many Aboriginal people experience significant discrimination and even negligence in their medical treatment.

The Aboriginal Health Justice Project is a targeted health-law service for Aboriginal people and communities who have experienced discrimination in healthcare or medical negligence.


  • identify and support people who need legal help after experiencing healthcare discrimination, be it through advocacy, discrimination complaint or a civil action

  • deliver legal education and plain English material to help people understand their rights

  • develop policies and protocols for health service providers to address discrimination and negligence in health care and to keep Aboriginal patients safe



The Pacific Justice Project improves access to justice for communities and individuals in Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya, East Timor and the Pacific Islands by supporting local lawyers and NGO’s in those countries. This includes legal support for asylum seekers in Australian immigration detention on Nauru and Manus Island, who find it difficult to access to lawyers.

The Pacific Justice Project works to protect the homes and rights of Indigenous land holders and settlers. We stand up for women who have been subjected to domestic violence and assault and we work for climate justice in Pacific nations threatened by climate change.


Coronial inquests present an opportunity to examine the system’s and policies that don’t work and call for recommendations to address failings in key areas.

The NJP is acting in relation to a number of deaths of asylum seekers and refugees in detention. The NJP is also acting for the family of young Aboriginal men and women who have died in detention or in the health system.

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